Hey, we’re Chris and Jack.
We help wedding suppliers reclaim the free time by teaching them how to master every aspect of business.

Hey, we’re Chris and Jack.
We help wedding suppliers reclaim the free time by teaching them how to master every aspect of business.

Let’s get you off on the right foot

How to run a successful wedding business?

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Where great wedding suppliers learn to become even better at business

Looking to book more wedding clients?

Wedding Industry Wisdom is the go-to resource for wedding professionals looking to grow their businesses.  

For some businesses growth simple means your earning more money.

It could mean doing less work but earning the same amount.

Or perhaps you just want to figure out a way to have more free time.

Whatever your business goal is Wedding Industry Wisdom is here to support you in that.

How can Wedding Industry Wisdom help your business?

Most wedding businesses are run by just a single person, whilst you might have employees, ultimately all of the decisions, whether they are big or small, fall at your feet.

The problem that most wedding businesses have is that in general you didn’t start your wedding business because you wanted to be a entrepreneur.

Do your sales skills suck? We have courses and guides for that.

Don’t know how to write follow-up emails? We’ve got fill-the-blanks downloads!

Want to start blogging but never written one before in your life? Our blog course teaches you everything you need to know.

Don’t let the business side get you down!

You wanted to be a florist, make-up artist or cake-maker.

All of the business stuff can sometimes just feel like an necessary headache, right?

Being good enough at EVERYTHING that you need to be good to run your business is a near impossible task which is where Wedding Industry Wisdom comes in.

We offer wedding professionals everything they need to run and grow a successful wedding business. 

For those wedding businesses who are really stuck you may find huge benefit in having direct coaching calls with Chris and Jack the co-directors of Wedding Industry Wisdom.

Our latest course

Taking Conversational Control: Building a Sales Mind Map

Tired of feeling out of control during sales conversations?

Would you like to be prepared for any and every possible selling scenario?

A Sales mind map is the easy-to-understand and perfect resolution to this.

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Our Bestselling Course

Wedding Industry Facebook Advertising

Learn the exact strategy Chris uses to get targeted traffic to his business for as little as 5p per click.

Learn every option, button click and check-box to select in the 7-part video series.

But most importantly learn how to turn cold traffic into paying customers.

Our Bestselling Download

The High Converting Wedding Follow-Up Sequence

This couldn’t be simpler.

Jack has tried and tested these follow-up emails in his business and now; no matter which sector you’re in, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Our 8 Week Course

How to Run a Successful Wedding Business..

Just starting out or stuck in a rut?

Our 8 week course will guide you through the fundamentals of running a business from why you’re even doing it right through to how to sell your services to the right people.

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Unique Wedding business advice

What you will learn from us is not taught anywhere else, you cannot learn it from any other “business guru”.

Our courses and downloads are not just recycled generic material.

We have spent time, effort, energy and a lot of money on various business courses and tried to implement generic business tactics in our own wedding businesses.

They don’t work.

The wedding industry is a completely unique one and there fore it requires its own unique business strategies.

That is what you will be learning from us in our resources.

Pick and Choose or Become a Member

If you’ve just got one area you’d like to work on then you can simply buy whichever course or download suits you.

But maybe you’d like access to all the content we’ve ever released.

Or even direct access to calls with us?

If so then you might consider WILD Membership

We offer a great range of courses, downloads, streamable content to help guide you through the gaps in your business knowledge.

If you don’t or can’t invest money into your business at the moment then we have two incredibly valuable options for you.

Firstly we have our Facebook group “Wedding Industry Wisdom Group” there are already 100 hundred advisory videos on the group and at least twice a week Chris and Jack go LIVE on the group discussing various areas of the Wedding business, answering live questions from people watching and taking live video requests from our members.

Secondly you can partake in our FREE course “How to Run a Successful Wedding Business

If you’re ready to invest, grow your business and take it to the next level then you may be interested in either our coaching calls or our Online Courses.