Wedding Industry Wisdom – Online Coaching Calls

Wedding industry wisdom’s unique 2-on-1 online coaching calls are the perfect remedy if you’ve reached a stumbling block or obstacle within your business that you’re not sure how to overcome.

To steal a cliché sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees and this is so often the case within your business – you’re too deeply involved with the every day running of it that sometimes what even seem like simple decisions become very difficult for you to make by yourself.

Booking either a single call or a block of calls with Chris and Jack will give you a unique, outside perspective of the issue you’re facing.

Our casual yet professional approach sparks conversations, new angles and complete fresh viewpoints on areas of your business that you probably won’t have even considered!

Full Coaching Call

We appreciate that you may never have heard of either of us.

Or possibly you’ve been following our work for months.

Either way we want you to know EXACTLY what working with us on a coaching call would be like.

The best way we thought to do this was to show you an actual coaching call that took place between Jack, Chris and DJ Mike readings.

It isn’t standard practice for us to release these calls for public viewing but this was in the terms for Mike receiving this call.

We think this will show you how we work, how we interact and question you into looking at things entirely differently.

You can find the video at the bottom of the page.

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