Say farewell to frustrations, goodbye to guesswork and adios to admin time. 

NOW is the time for running YOUR wedding business to be fun, enjoyable and profitable.

WILD (Wedding Industry Learning and Development) has been created to help you run the business side of things better, quicker and more efficiently. 

Because you didn’t start your wedding business because you wanted to do admin.,,,,,,

Sound Familiar? 

If you’re anything like us then you didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to run a wedding business.

You probably had a passion, discovered you were incredible at something or learnt a brilliant and unique skill – it just so happened that this was very applicable to the wedding industry.

You probably haven’t been to business school.

You didn’t start by writing out a business plan.

You plucked your pricing out of the air.

And you often feel lost with so much information, competition and confusion out there in the business world.

If any of this sounds very familiar then you’re in EXACTLY the same boat the we found ourselves in a few years ago.

You are NOT alone and help is at hand.


If you’ve had weeks or months without many bookings or enquiries coming in at all I’m here to tell you that it isn’t your fault – although there’s tonnes of “business advice” out there very little of it actually suits wedding businesses.

If you’ve ever suspected that the “business gurus” advice which has made them Million Dollar businesses is baloney that won’t work for you then you’re absolutely right.

Think you’ve lost business because rivals have undercut you, then they probably have.

I want you to know that no matter which sector of the wedding industry you’re in, how long you’ve been in business and what your business goals are – you CAN achieve them.

It starts with THREE simple realisations which I’ll explain below.


1) You are running a business!

 Yes, I know that you know that you are running a business but do you always treat it as such.

Ever given a discount to someone just because they asked and then realised you were just giving away money.

2) You are salesperson!

Ooooh yes, Sales.

That dirty word – you’d better use some mouthwash quickly to get rid of the taste of it.

If you’re a cake maker, whilst you might think your business is making cakes it’s actually selling them.

Stylists aren’t dressing venues, they’re selling their knowledge, expertise and selling the hiring of their equipment.

Magicians, you’re not doing card tricks you’re selling an entertainment service..

We think the point is clear now.

The sooner you realise that your job is selling whatever it is that you do the better.

 3) Business growth stems from being better at business, not being better at your service

 We at Wedding Industry Wisdom as magicians know this better than most as we see SO many magicians getting this wrong.

Magicians often blindly think that learning a more difficult trick means they can charge more money – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Increased bookings and pricing comes from:

  • Finding the your ideal client
  • Packaging your services correctly
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Becoming better at selling
  • Closer more efficiently
  • Being more than just a wedding supplier
  • Understanding and solving customer problemswith your product/service.
  • All of this and so much more can be learnt in W.I.L.D Membership.

Wedding Industry Learning and Development Membership

We have both been through countless business books, been on training courses, bought SO many courses on various different topics from Facebook ads to sales and closing and everything in between.

In terms of wedding business specific training almost nothing exists but there’s SO much that you need to know.

Every month at Wedding Industry Wisdom we release a brand new course designed to help you learn, improve or hone a part of your business – these are of course available to buy in our shop at any time. 

We also release smaller downloads, products and free training most months too.

There is so much to learn and we wanted to be able to give you our best content at affordable prices whilst keeping it exclusive enough such that the information wasn’t just there for everyone.

Be Ahead of the Competition

W.I.L.D Membership is monthly membership programme that gives you access to a level of our content that suits your business perfectly on both the levels of finance and education.

It is your opportunity to take control of your business, learn the skills that your business needs and stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. 

“How much is this going to cost me?”

The million dollar question you’ve been asking since you started reading the page.

It’s going to cost you £1. Just to confirm that isn’t a typo, it’ll cost you ONE POUND. This pound will give you Giraffe Level Access to all of our content for one week.

“Why so cheap?”

The chances are you’ve never heard of either of us, you trust us with a pound of your money and that gives you a week to have a look through our courses, guides and downloads.

You can then either cancel before the 7 days is up or if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen and you want continued access to it all then you can leave it and let it automatically renew.

It’s entirely your choice.

“But Couldn’t I just watch all your content in that week for a pound and never give you any more money?”

Yes, you absolutely could but we’re confident that if you enjoyed all the content that much that you wanted to consume it all in a week then we’re confident that you’ll want to see more.

Also by that time we’ll also have you £1 and will have spent it on pick ‘n’ mix or a Rustler’s burger.

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