How To Run A Successful Wedding Business Without Spending A Fortune Or Wasting Any More Time 

 We at Wedding Industry Wisdom know how scary it can be starting out in the wedding industry.

We’ve been there ourselves, we got through those testing and frustrating times and are now in the enviably positions of doing what we love for a living and it pays our mortgages.

The amount of things we did wrong, the amount of mistakes we made and had to learn from, the amount of money we wasted on lost causes was just silly – but that’s what running a business is like.

But don’t worry – we are here to help you stop making all the stupid mistakes that we made, how to cut corners and take months or even years out of the business learning curve and making your business and personal life easier as a result.

We have created this incredible FREE course.

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Contents of the FREE Course


It covers the 8 units we consider to be essential to running a successful wedding business in we cover. 

  • Why you’re in business.
  • Preparation Work
  • Working out your ideal client
  • How to package your services
  • How to price your services
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Building a website
  • Facebook for your business
  • Pinterest for your business
  • Instagram for your business
  • How to make people want what you’re selling
  • How to get people to actually book
  • How to create a perfect customer service experience for your customers
  • AND more!

Did we mention that it’s free?  

If you’re wondering how to get hold of this completely free course, just fill out the registration form below to receive instant access to this 2-hour long training!




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