Taking Conversational Control – Building a Sales Mind Map


Are you fed up of being in sales situation feeling like the buyer is in control?

A bride is bossing you, a groom getting the upper hand or a couple being overconfident.

If you want to increase your wedding bookings then it’s time for you to take conversational control.

Building a Sales Mind Map is a simple way to prepare yourself for literally any possible outcome.

Imagine how confident you’d feel knowing whatever a prospect says that you have the perfect instantaneous response ready.

You’ll also have the response to their next response prepared too.

Buy “Taking Conversational Control: Building a Sales Mind Map” and you’ll be increasing your sales conversion rate in no time.

Presented to you as a 70 Minute Video Download.

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Ready to Take back Conversational Control

Sales are hard when you're not in control of the conversation.

Conversations can go in so many different directions, can't they?

Every question you ask creates a new set of possibilities, every response requires an answer from you.

And if you're not in control of that conversation then that means the potential customer is.

Being in control of the conversation doesn't mean you're being overbearing or putting pressure on anyone - it simply means you're prepared.

"Taking Conversational Control" is your way of taking control of sales conversations by preparing for every possible eventuality.
Being ready for each question and also knowing the answer to their answer to you.

It's like being 3 moves ahead in a game of Chess.

This course will teach you to build your very own sales mind map.

Jack has been using Sales Mind Maps to help his business grow for years and now he's ready to share everything that he's learnt and tested in the time he's been using them.

The best thing is that once you've got the course all you need is a piece of paper, some pencils and your imagination!

During this 70-minute video unit we join Jack at his computer (because he can't be trusted around pens on his own) and he goes through exactly what a Wedding Sales Mind Map is and why it is essential for your business.

Chris acts as the client as Jack builds out, in real-time, a Sales Mind Map for a wedding photography business.

You will also be provided with the full Sales Mind Map that was created in the during the session so that you can study it in your own time and really get to grips with how it works.

If you've ever wanted to have more control over your sales process then this is exactly what you need!


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