How to Write Wedding Blogs that people will actually read

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Are you dreading putting together your next blog? Have you wanted to start a blog but not known what to write or been scared no-one will read it?

Do you want to know how to write wedding blogs?

Then let Wedding Industry Wisdom teach you.

Professional Wedding Magician, Author and Blogger Chris Piercy’s course is called “How to write wedding blogs that people will actually read”

Because he writes wedding blogs all the time – the proof, is in his Google Analytics Stats.

Chris writes interesting, controversial, engaging content that hooks brides in as has them coming back for more.

This is presented to you as a 75 minutes video download.

In the unit Chris not only teaches you exactly how to write wedding blogs but he even analyses one of his own blogs so you can see his methods put into practice in the real world.

Pick up this course today and you’ll be writing your own incredible engaging blogs in no time.

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How to Write Wedding Blogs People Will Actually Read

Well obviously you've got to know who you're writing for.

You've got to know what their hopes, dreams and aspirations are.

And it has to be interesting utterly engaging content.

But there's so much more to writing a blog that someone will read that just the content.

You've got to know how to structure it, when to use to bold and italics, how to....


intrigue them like that and keep them moving down the page.

Chris' wedding blog has had tens of thousands of couples (mainly brides) reading it and it is a foundation from which his wedding business is built.

In this 75 minute video he covers the following topics all vital for how to write wedding blogs.

  • Why blogging?
  • Types of Blog.
  • What not to do.
  • How often to blog?
  • Blog strategy.
  • The ONE purpose of all blogs.
  • Showing your personality.
  • Blogging hacks.
  • Making it readable.
  • Making google happy.
  • Getting people to read it.

He then finishes off by analysing a blog he wrote specifically for this course.
Explaining exactly how he's structured it all and why as well as demonstrating how he is implementing all of the strategy that you've just been taught.

Pick up this course today and you'll be writing your own incredible engaging blogs in no time.

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1 review for How to Write Wedding Blogs that people will actually read

  1. Jacki Clement- Wild Blessing Ceremonies

    I really loved this course. I am about to write my 1st blog and had no idea where to start, what to write about or even why I should write a blog. This course is jam-packed full of everything you need to know to get you “blogging like a Boss”. This is a “must-have” for anyone, whether new to blogging or not!

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Writing Wedding blogs

Struggle to know what to write?
Do you sit down at the laptop intent on bashing out a quick blog to get some new content on the site and your mind goes blank?
Or are you just convinced that no-one will read the blog anyway?

In this 75 minute training video Chris takes you through his EXACT blog strategy.
This strategy has led to thousands of people visiting his website then actually staying on there to read his blogs (we have the stats to back this up too).
Visitors to one of his blogs stay on average for over 9 minutes!

So whether you’ve never written a blog in your life or you want to hone your skills and learn some tricks and hacks to get your blogs found and read then pick up this unmissable training today.